KAIST AIP Special Lecture

KAIST Advanced Intellectual Property Strategy Program (AIP) Inaugural Session ‘Patent Applications for Industry 4.0’ (2019, December 18)

Juyeong KANG, a distinguished patent attorney, delivered a special lecture at the inaugural session of the KAIST Advanced Intellectual Property Strategy Program (AIP) on December 18, 2019. He discussed patent applications related to Industry 4.0, sharing his expertise and valuable insights with the participants.

Juyeong KANG presenting the lecture
Juyeong KANG presenting the lecture

Media – Sports Seoul Newspaper

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Media – Issuemaker November 2017 Issue

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KISTA-Partners Council

As an active member of the KISTA-Partners Council and Chairman of the Communication Squad, Juyeong KANG contributes his expertise and leadership skills to the organization, fostering collaboration and communication among its members. (June 26, 2019)