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Send a simple request email to, including the following information:

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OR, use the application request form below.

Application Request Form

Please fill in the form below to request a trademark application. All goods or services in one trademark application should be included in a same class (If there are more than 20 goods or services in a class, an additional fee per good or service will incur.)

    Payment Methods

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    We will provide detailed payment instructions on the invoice or proforma invoice that we issue to you.


    If you have any questions, please contact us at

    Downloadable Docs

    Power Of Attorney (Trademark)

    Classification of Goods and Services by KIPO

    Useful Links

    Kipris (Korean Trademark Search Engine)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. The address of the applicant or right-holder has been changed. How can we change the record of the applicant?
    You may let us file a request for a change of record at a cost and fee. The required document is a notarized proof of a change of address of the applicant or right-holder. Such proof should include the name, the previous address, and the current address thereof, and should be notarized duly by a notary public in the jurisdiction of the applicant or right-holder. The change of record is not simple, and thus you had better provide us with exact information first.
    Q2. When should I pay your invoices?

    If you are an applicant or right-holder, the invoice should always be paid before our corresponding tasks. Otherwise, if you are a legitimate intellectual property agent (such as a patent attorney, IP law firm) in your jurisdiction, the invoice should be paid within 2 months from its issue date. In any case, if our service is the first time to you, the invoice should be paid before our first tasks for you.

    When the deadline is overdue, we always reserve our right to withdraw or abandon the corresponding applications or rights for getting a refund from the Korean Intellectual Property Office and do not responsibility for afterward outcomes. In such a case, we usually provide a grace period for your convenience.