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      We are technically very skillful in translating English Specifications into Korean. All procedures are directly handled by Korean Patent Attorneys.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q1. When is the deadline for entry into the Korean national phase of a PCT application?
      The deadline is 31 months from the earliest priority date of the PCT application.
      Q2. What is a request for substantive examination?
      Not all patent applications are prosecuted in Korea. If you wish to get a patent in Korea, you should request the examination of the application. The request for examination may be deferred until 3 years from the international filing date, not from the national entry date. If you do not request the examination by then, the national phase application will be deemed to be withdrawn.
      Q3. Is a restoration of a right of priority is allowable in Korea?
      No. The Korean Intellectual Property Office does not apply the restoration of the right of priority pursuant to PCT Rule 26bis. Therefore, the international filing date must be within 1 year from the earliest priority date in consideration of the exception of weekends and holidays.
      Q4. The applicant of a PCT application has changed from its assigner to its assignee. What should we do?
      You may change the record of the application (PCT/IB/306 form) or provide us with an assignment document duly notarized and translated into English.
      Q5. When is the acceptance of a national phase application notified from the KIPO?
      The notice of acceptance (not a notice of allowance) is issued after the earlier date of (1) the end of the 31-month period (from the earliest priority date) and (2) the date of the request for examination.
      Q6. What documents are required by the Korean Intellectual Property Office when filing?
      A power of attorney duly executed by the applicant is mandatory. Unless it is a “General” Power of Attorney, it may be sent to us via email. Please refer to the link: /downloadable-docs/

      If the applicant is an individual, his or her nationality certificate and signature certificate (alternatively, passport) are required. If the applicant is a non-individual entity, no such certificates are required.

      Q7. How does Meta handle documents?
      We usually provide email and fax services but use a courier only when the document to be sent is of a paper form, for example, certificates issued by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. If you would not mind, we hope to send a written document signed by the attorney to you via email and fax. Otherwise, you may let us send courier mails to you at your cost.
      Q8. What documents are required to claim a priority based on the Paris Convention in a non-PCT patent/utility model application in Korea?
      Please provide us with a certified copy of the priority document or a scanned copy thereof. If the responsible examiner requests a Korean translation thereof, the translation fee for the priority document may be charged additionally.
      Q9. When should I pay your invoices?

      If you are an applicant or right-holder, the invoice should always be paid before our corresponding tasks. Otherwise, if you are a legitimate intellectual property agent (such as a patent attorney, IP law firm) in your jurisdiction, the invoice should be paid within 2 months from its issue date. In any case, if our service is the first time to you, the invoice should be paid before our first task for you.

      When the deadline is overdue, we always reserve our right to withdraw or abandon the corresponding applications or rights for getting a refund from the Korean Intellectual Property Office and do not responsibility for afterward outcomes. In such a case, we usually provide a grace period for your convenience.

      Q10. Is a late submission of the translation possible?
      Yes, but only when a request for the Korean national phase entry is filed within 1 month before the deadline (i.e. 30 months to 31 months from the earliest priority date), the late submission at additional costs is allowed up to one month from the deadline.