Consulting and Technology Commercialization

Technology Commercialization is important.

The final goal of clients is to create profits through business. Vitalization of cash flow to prepare intellectual property rights, evaluation of them and profit creation using them are powerful means to help clients succeed in business.

What Services Does Meta IP Offer?

We provide consulting on a variety of options including infringement appraisal, standard essential patent appraisal, job invention regulation design, intellectual property management strategy, intellectual property monetization strategy, and intellectual property valuation. We also mediate the transfer of technology from institutions, corporations, or individuals with limited funds to where they are capable of commercialization, and provide technology valuation for this purpose.

Summam veritatem quaeram.

  • Meta’s patent attorneys have extensive experience in technology transfer.
  • Meta’s patent attorneys have real-world experience in the transfer of intellectual property rights abroad.
  • Meta’s patent attorneys have a real portfolio of many technology commercialization.
  • Meta’s Patent Attorneys can help you negotiate and give you an advantage.