Thank you for your interest in our service for Korean trademark applications.

What Services Does Meta IP Offer?

Trademark Services – Our services span the entire life cycle of a trademark, from searching existing prior rights against the trademark to renewing the trademark. These include the international trademark application based on the Madrid system through the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Trademarks for Protecting Your Brands

Trademarks (and service marks) can be used to protect the value and credit of your brand.

An Example of Trademarks
**Note: the figure consists of examples of corporate trademarks and does not imply that they are our clients.


“Meta IP” provides online services for trademark applications and registrations operated by licensed patent attorneys before the Korean Intellectual Property Office. In S. Korea, only a LICENSED PATENT ATTORNEY has full expertise in and is allowed to deal with intellectual properties including trademarks, and thus, please do not confuse an ATTORNEY AT LAW with a patent attorney who has passed the patent attorney certification exam.