Meta IP is a Korean IP firm that handles clients’ intellectual properties including technical creationbrands, and industrial designs.

technical creation = patents, utility models,
brands = trademarks,
industrial designs = design rights

Meta IP’s Innovation

We provide services for trials and litigation regarding intellectual property infringement, abuse of rights, dilution, and unfair competition in patent offices, patent courts, and civil courts worldwide. We understand the value of trials and litigation, and we can negotiate to license to show our clients the best results.  Our patent attorneys and advisory lawyers in the fields of patents, utility models, trademarks, copyrights, antitrust, franchises, and technologies will work closely to ensure the value of innovation in your business.

There are so many patent law firms and patent law offices. How do you find the best patent attorney who you really wanted? We will show you the answer.

Notice of the change of business name and email addresses

We would like to inform you of the following change of our business name on July 6, 2021, due to a merger with KM Intellectual Property, from Eta Intellectual Property to Meta Intellectual Property

Celebrate our winning an AWARD instituted by the commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) on 55th Invention Day in South Korea!

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Our founder, Mr. KANG was recognized for his contribution to Korean industries, especially those of Industry 4.0, electricity, electronics, mechanics, metals, computers, network hardware, software, artificial intelligence, blockchain, business models, etc. The awards ceremony took place on June 24, 2020.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to work very hard and efficiently for satisfying our client’s various needs very well.

Hope you all stay safe and healthy!

특허청장 표창장
55th Invention Day Award Instituted by the Commissioner of the Korean Intellectual Property Office

Registration of Intellectual Property Rights

Have you bought real estate and you haven’t registered it yet?

If you’re doing business with ideas without registering intellectual property rights, you’ve only done real estate transactions and haven’t completed your registration.