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Your inquiry is a valuable post. A patent attorney has a confidentiality obligation in accordance with the Patent Attorney Act, so you can feel free to contact us about all matters. The Meta IP will respond to you with serious graveness.

    Offline Inquiries

    Have you made a meeting appointment? If so, make some preparations before you meet your patent attorney.  As much as you know, you can as seamlessly as request what you need.  You don’t need to know all of what’s going on, and if you have a certain amount of knowledge, you’ll be able to make better use of your patent attorney.

    1. Completion of Invention (required)

    The core spirit of the invention is that the inventor himself knows better than anyone else.  Even if a patent attorney is an expert in a particular field of art, he basically has the ability to quickly understand a relatively different number of technologies, and it is difficult to expect the technology of a specific invention to be better understood than the inventor.  This is because the patent attorney is the person who represents the application of intellectual property, such as a patent, and is not the person who provides the invention.  So be prepared to explain in detail how you can achieve your ideas. 

    2. Simple Prior Art Research (optional)

    Researching prior art may be done by a patent attorney in earnest, but it is also a good idea you do so.  You can use Google’s patent search, the Korea Patent Information Service website (KIPRIS), and more.  You can’t ask for a patent application whenever an idea comes up, so you can check in advance to see if the idea is new.  Patents are not the only prior arts, so we recommend that you use various search engines to find the same, similar products, services, etc.

    3. Provision of Invention Materials (required)

    Some don’t bring anything when meeting inventors just because preparing is to bother them somewhat. However, it’s an embarrassing time for a patent attorney. The inventor knows more about inventions than any other patent attorney. 

    If you do not document your thoughts in your head, the patent attorney will not know the intent of the inventor and the identity of the invention, unless the patent attorney uses mind-reading.  Therefore, it is advisable to present brief documentation of the background of the invention, which would be good if the patent attorney knew, and brief documentation of the composition and action of the invention, at least to solve the problems of conventional technology and what configuration sat in the invention to solve it.

    Patent attorneys are obligated to maintain confidentiality under the Patent Attorney Act, so you can share all unprocessed internal information with confidence.  The more diligent you are, the more likely you are to get a better patent. 

    4. Review of Various Embodiments (optional)

    When you first come up with an idea, it’s often conceived as a single embodiment.  However, potential infringers of patents are often attempted to circumvent the scope of their rights through other embodiments that are similar to those described in the patent document but do not fall within the scope of their rights.

    To prevent this from happening, you should consider as many alternatives as possible how you can circumvent your patents if you are an infringer. By informing your patent attorney of those alternatives, you can make patents more faithful and good.

    Answering a Question
    An Example of Invention Materials


    Confidentiality before filing an application – You may not be able to obtain a patent by posting your invention in a paper or submitting it to a fair before filing a patent.  This is not necessarily the case, but please contact your attorney regarding disclosing the contents of the invention.

    Make sure the person you meet is a patent attorney – if you’re not booked in advance, it may be difficult to see a patent attorney suddenly.  However, if the patent attorney does not show up to the end of the charge, let’s not make an excuse to be busy, or whether it is a patent office or not.  When you meet with a patent attorney, it is advisable to visit the patent office in person.