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KANG, Juyeong, Managing Partner, Patent Attorney
Eta IP Professionals


SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Mathematical Science
KAIST Completed Advanced Intellectual Property Strategy Program


Electricity, electronics, mechanics, metals, computers, network hardware, software, artificial intelligence, blockchain, business models, etc.
Industry 4.0 – Deep neural networks such as convolutional neural networks, fully-connected networks, deep Q networks, recurrent neural networks, long-short term memory, various machine learning such as random forest, boosting, and linear regression, statistics-based processing, consensus algorithms such as blockchain and hash graph, 3D printing, etc.
Others – Nuclear reactors, generators, shipbuilding, offshore plants, coolers, etc.

Professional Experience

Member of KPAA (Korea Patent Attorneys Association)
Member of FICPI (International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys)

Network-related G-Company System Programmer
Y.P.Lee, Mock & Partners Patent Attorney (handling inbound cases)
SU Intellectual Property Patent Attorney (handling domestic cases)
DARAE Law & IP Group Patent Attorney
Vuno, Inc. Chief Intellectual Property Officer
YoungBEE Intellectual Property Representative Patent Attorney

Lectured at Korea Creative Content Agency on IP.
Completed International License Agreement and Negotiation Strategy Course of KIPA.
2019 Served as a committee member of the Overseas Rights Support Project of Kookmin University.
2019 Served as an interviewer for Gangwon, Daejeon, Busan Regional IP Talent Training Project.
2019 Served as a representative council member and the chairman of the communication division of KISTA-Cooperative Organizations Council.
2020-2022 Served as a committee member of The Special Committee of the Korea Patent Attorneys Association for Promotion of Normalization of Korean Litigation System by Patent Attorneys.
2022 Served as a Judge for the Excellent Product Designation by the Korean Public Procurement Service (Korean Government).

Serving as a 45th council member of Korea Patent Attorneys Association.
Serving as a SEP (Standard Essential Patents) specialist designated by Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency (KISTA).
Serving as a Job Invention System Expert of Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA).

Major Work Experience

IP Applications, Prosecutions, and Issuances

Materials – U.S. Naval Research Laboratory*, etc.
Pharmaceutics – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center*, Regen Lab*, etc.
Chemistry – Universidad de Antofagasta*, Università degli Studi di Catania*, etc.
Civil Engineering –Advanced Geomechanics*, etc.
Medical Science – Anpac Bio-Medical Science Co., Ltd.*, etc.
Semiconductors – RFHIC*, etc.
Mobility Platforms – Kornatus*, etc.
Deep Neural Networks – F&D Partners*, Team Elysium*, etc.
Consumer Goods & Products – Miller Methods*, etc.
Networks – Gemalto Netherlands, etc.
Blockchains – Coinplug, etc.
Automobiles – Renault France, MAN Diesel & Turbo Germany, Autoliv Sweden, etc.
Games – Tencent China, etc.
Food and Drinks – Kraft Foods USA, etc.
Videos – NTT Japan, etc.
Aircraft – Elta Israel, etc.
Financial Engineering – The Chicago Board Options Exchange USA, etc.
*: current clients

IP Consulting

Development Project of Energy Technology of KISTA
IP Utilization Strategy Project of Korea Invention Promotion Association
Investigations of possible patent infringements and their avoidance
Governmental R&D Patent Strategy Support Projects of KISTA

Patent Analysis

A patent map on deep neural networks
Biomarker related patents and thereagainst infringement analysis
Healthcare-related analysis
Display and credit card related prior art analysis

WOO, Kyeongmin, Managing Partner, Patent Attorney


Yonsei University Bachelor of Biotechnology
Yonsei University Bachelor of Law


Medicine, functional food, biotechnology

Professional Experience

Member of KPAA (Korea Patent Attorneys Association)

ERUUM & LEEON IP Law Firm Patent Attorney
Choi & Partners Patent Attorney
ANJIN International IP Law Firm Patent Attorney

2020-2022 Served as a committee member of The Special Committee of the Korea Patent Attorneys Association for Promotion of Normalization of Korean Litigation System by Patent Attorneys
Affiliating with Kim & Hyun (SeSeung LLC)
Advisory Patent Attorney of Hanbul Motors

Major Work Experience

IP Applications, Prosecutions, and Issuances

Yonsei University, Daegu University, Wonkwang University, Keimyung University, the Rural Development Administration of Korea, JW Pharmaceutical, Garage Kitchen, Raonshift, etc.

IP Consulting & Patent Analysis

A Study on Foreign Laws, Precedents, and Problems Related to the Operation of the Application System for Registration Extension of the Duration of Patent Rights Sponsored by the Korean Intellectual Property Office

Trials & Litigation

A number of wins in the refusal decision appeal trials

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